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What? Pointless investment in technology has destroyed our economies?

People wondering what is true. What is true is eating food, using a toilet, breathing. The basics. Of course we work up from there and need to build the basics of society before we can look at a 20K Super-Ultra-Uber-Brillopad-Mega … Continue reading

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A simpler, tangible grail, if not holy

Panacea. A word that has failed to find a home in our world to date. Or has it? Scientists have supposedly been searching for it. Some people have been saying there is one right in front of us. We live … Continue reading

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Dear Africa,

Colonialism raped and pillaged your resources and people. The USA and USSR destabilised and exploited what was left after ‘independence’ made the people free but the countries unmanaged and prey to financial exploitation and military equipment sales. Now China and … Continue reading

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Disbanding local authorities, a cost and social saving second to none.

Why not disband local authorities? For the small increase in local unemployment there would be little loss for a great gain to society. Retain ceremonial and the most basic services related to the Town Hall and Mayoral side but for … Continue reading

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Would you eat yourself? The acceptable face of cannibalism?

Isn’t the modern world weird? Well, let’s go a bit further. As it is now possible to synthesise meat from stem cells extracted from living muscle, the first products offering ‘guilt free’ meat have started to appear. This interesting and … Continue reading

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What purpose dignity, compassion and respect from a politician?

Where have dignity, compassion and respect gone? Is there any event that current politicians would not seek to win points from? May calling out by name an opponent at a time when a need for true unity is required, shows … Continue reading

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Charting the truth about marijuana and cannabis – Just how badly can a BBC Health Editor write an article? An addict’s opinions.

As this article covers how not to write about a subject, it is always helpful to have a contrast to compare with. The first linked article appears to have been carefully researched and cites true experiences and facts relevant to … Continue reading

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