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Removing a UK Government’s mandate to govern

A government that uses referendums to manipulate the country to follow what the government wishes to happen, as opposed to what the people want, should be possible to remove from power. What happens when the people of the UK end … Continue reading

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Why Cannabis is different to other medicines, unless it is actually, just food.

I would like to ensure readers start with a clear and common understanding of the subtle differentials between three terms. Food, supplements and medicine. Food is something we ingest which contains a variety of substances that our body processes, some … Continue reading

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Windows 10. Goodbye PC, hello console.

Flexibility, that was the benefit of a PC. Not the boring standard IBM PC or the sealed box of sparkles and marketing that Apple have always touted, but the thrown together unmatched parts of the IBM Compatible PC that most … Continue reading

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Corporate Charities, spreading misery equally

It is fair to say I am as much a fan of ‘big charity’ as I am of ‘big business’. Both take money from those with little and both skim so much off the top as to make their services … Continue reading

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Bitcoin, gold, oil and electronics – how to undermine the capitalists

How do you pay your activists, terrorists and infiltrators without identifying them to your enemies, especially when resident in the enemy’s country? How do you create systems that will ensure your nation’s prosperity above all others, especially in the event … Continue reading

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The death of true commerce

Remember when you could purchase a product, it contained all you required to use it and that was that? Not very fair for the vendors of products though is it? One payment from you for a product? How are they … Continue reading

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Occasional observations on current comed.. I mean, British politics.

November 29th 2017 So, decades on, governments are only now starting to appreciate how countries can be infiltrated by the use of the internet and media. How long will it take for them to twig to financial market infiltration? For … Continue reading

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