Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m doing this but I hope it will be cathartic to air some thoughts and opinions in the vein of shouting at the gods and in any case my cat’s opinions are fairly intransigent, so little point continuing talking to him.

Napoleon Moses was a name given to me by my father on the occasion of my birth before being overruled by my mother into choosing something more ‘normal’. Why am I using it as a pseudonym now? Well, I’ve never been a great self-publicist and so it seemed as good a nom de plume as any. I quite like the sentiment that went behind my father’s intent too.

Technology has always been an interest since discovering my brother’s science fiction books in the 70s, watching him build his own computer and burn EPROMS before the term PC even existed (not that Dr. Who, Hitch Hikers, Star Trek and Wars didn’t instil their own influences).  After months of looking over his shoulder and ‘reading’ through reams of his code I was left seeing how simply a computer worked. From that time it meant I held no fear of computer hardware and immense respect for the intelligence of the people that could write the software to make them do such magical things. (If imagining being chased by a snake in the shape of a $, in a dungeon bordered with #s, playing Halls of Death, is magical to an eight year old)

It would be an understatement to say that I am passionate about technology. I find it entrancing. The point is that I include everything from the first abacus right up to the latest nano-tech as technology and find the best developments become, due to the blending of all ages of technology. Take my dream of an Africa, covered in privately owned solar powered Stirling engines, transformed into an oasis of fertility and plenty. Stirling engine? That’s a 200 year old invention isn’t it? Well that may be but ask NASA how they plan to power deep space exploration..

So I’ve now played with ‘toys’ as many people call them and business computing for about 25 years, in my view as a keen amateur, purporting that it’s something to do while I work out what I want to be when I grow up. Nearly there now.

I haven’t followed any formal training framework to develop or worked for any one company for more than 18 months or so. That has given me a chance to see the real uses of IT in all size of business, against the dream of what is sold by vendors. In my work, I attempt to guide people towards what their business needs rather than what is dictated by ‘the industry’. I see true IT standards are set by what is in use by organisations rather than the latest version to be released.

In my time I’ve worked at a lot of organisations and whether a one man band or global brand, have experienced great satisfaction when a system I’ve worked on is better after my work than before. Even more so when it was not working before my arrival and I could return it to service.

Nothing I have experienced in my work compares to the people that I have been fortunate enough to work with. I have learned twice as much by working and talking with them as I ever could have on my own or on a hundred courses and I am grateful that this has helped me to retain my humility in awe of the truly incredible intellects (and wits) I have met.

I’ve purposely not blogged before as I feel there are too many technical blogs that blur the true picture of things, let alone eForum ‘glory-hounds’ dropping in their two-penneth when they have no true understanding. I will only post a technical ‘how-to’ on here if I feel it is not readily available or clearly described elsewhere. I will certainly have trawled the net extensively to find a fix to the problem I am looking at and will know the answer is not common knowledge.

So, in reading my idle musings, comments on technology trends and potentially the occasional rant (not sure if I’m allowing that on my blog though), I wish you well.

Napoleon Moses


4 Responses to About

  1. Paul Vaillant says:

    Napoleon (I like the name btw). Did you post a reply to Tony Redmond’s Dirty Little Secret post on Public Folders. I loved the frankness and the strong injection of reality. I am not techie but need to speak to someone on the subject who can or has separated the bs from the reality. I need to make an executive decision and conflicting messages are everywhere! We need to get off PFs asap and your guidance would truly be welcomed.
    As an aside, people have told me for years I need to start blogging and for some strange reason your blog has given me more impetus that any others I have perused (even with the lack of glossiness). Maybe its all about speaking from the heart.

    • Hello Paul,

      Thanks I’d always wanted to use my first given names at some point whilst also appreciating having not had to endure being called ‘Nappies’ for my entire time at school!

      I did reply to Tony’s post, I’ve always appreciated the straightforward and honest approach he takes in his blog alongside his being one of the most decent and just cheerily nice people in the industry. The only criticism I can ever level is a slightly too keen approach to adopting new things whilst forgetting some history. It all stems from a time I doubt he would recall when we met. I a young and naïve techie for only nine years argued against his fellow MS, Digital, Lotus and IBM representatives pitching Exchange or Lotus Smartswitch to the communications company I was contracted to. I had designed a solution that used existing technology (MsMail), was nice and elegant and would cost nothing. Of course I learned a lot that day when the shiny new Exchange product was chosen, yet continue to this day in challenging whether a new technology benefits a business or the vendor.

      I’ll send you a PM so we can have a chat about your situation and will happily give you my honest opinion even if the answer is “I don’t know”. I’m sure I will be able to point you in the right direction and leave you confident rather than confused!

      On the blogging side I’d say try it out as I’m certainly addicted with about 100 drafts sitting awaiting completion. I truly appreciate your comments, writing as openly and honestly as can be is entirely how I feel you can develop expressing yourself and if that stands out, it is working! I’m trying to develop different writing styles also and this seems a perfect forum to do so. (Admittedly the words have been the focus and the layout is something I’m going to look at as I can’t even find my way around the posts!) Lacking a keenness to overly publicise what I’m writing helps perhaps because it feels that it lends a sense of expressing pure thoughts by not pandering or playing to an audience.

      That said must now post the photos of my latest prototype kayak motor mount as that does seem to have an audience!

      All the best,

  2. rob says:

    found your info about the adventure plus intresting as I own one and wanted to mount a motor as well! Would be intrested to see how this progresses as there is little to nil other info out there for these .Thanks atb Rob

    • Hi Rob,

      Well, most recent testing went well and is briefly covered here. I had a eureka moment a few days after and am now getting ready to make some final adjustments to the frame to make it stronger and better able to adjust to allow the motor to extend to varying lengths depending on craft shape and motor location. Not sure on how long it will take to get the latest changes applied but will certainly post more on it as soon as I have results! Simpler designs like the DIY one are great if you have an easy ‘park and launch’ location. Carrying the whole rig when alone across beaches or to distant launch points has become my goal.

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