Bitcoin, gold, oil and electronics – how to undermine the capitalists

How do you pay your activists, terrorists and infiltrators without identifying them to your enemies, especially when resident in the enemy’s country?

How do you create systems that will ensure your nation’s prosperity above all others, especially in the event of a global war?

What is the easiest way to undermine and destabilise systems that are based solely on greed and accumulation of wealth?

I suppose the title may have given it away somewhat.

On reading that trading in gold and precious metals had been excluded from economics education since it was considered immaterial in this wonderful modern world of big commerce and ‘super-economics’, one could be forgiven for considering that a stupid idea. Why? Well simply because at the time this was being touted, Russia and China were fast buying as much of the world’s gold stocks as they could.

Further, fully aware that the leaders of large nations can directly affect the trading of stocks and commodities, comparing the release of specific announcements by Russian and Chinese leaders to trades in certain stocks and commodities, should be one of the main things intelligence services are analysing in this world where communist influenced states are supposedly embracing capitalism. Embracing or infiltrating for the past 30 years?

Before thinking on this further, add one more thought into the pot. Where did all the communists in Soviet states go?

I have written before on the naivety of nations that fail to consider states under dictatorial control are able to plan strategies that take decades or even centuries to come to fruition. In ‘democratic’ nations, planning for anything beyond the next decade would be unexpected.

Not only have unbranded and untested (to the British/European Standards agencies levels) electronics flooded our countries, making a laughing stock of customs and border controls (also making smuggling of everything from drugs to weapons far easier) but they have created an excess of waste and danger to consumers in destination countries. Further, by undercutting businesses that do conform to proper safety and quality standards, we have seen the death of anything but the most basic of electronics businesses in our shopping centres. You can even see that shops such as Halfords are now buying in the same untraceable/unbranded electronics from China that can be sourced directly (A poorly manufactured solar USB charging pack for example), yet seemingly because they have the correct sticker on them, believe them to conform to British standards. They do not.

So how would you demonstrate to your people that democracy and capitalism bring them no benefit? Reduce the standard of living for those not connected to military or government institutions (or in their employ) and then gradually restore a false memory of ‘the good old days’ (when genocidal deviants ruled with torture, terror and fear)?

If you think about it, rather than imprison or kill your enemies just because of their beliefs which could garner sympathy, why not set them up and tar them with a charge more suited to capitalist nations? Corruption. If you control the state and businesses are beholden to the state, creating a set of charges against any individual is child’s play. Set up bank accounts in their name, fill them with money and lay your charges.

If all else fails, the traditional methods remain, as demonstrated in Russia with any who show cohesive and public opposition to Princess Putin. Just imprison or kill them.

So, when you’re reading about Bitcoin’s continual rise in value, Russia making deals with Saudi Arabia and then announcing what THEY have decided will happen to the global oil market or just simply continually announcing news that impacts global stocks enough to make quick profits on the dips and rises created, not only are communist influenced nations undermining the global capitalist systems, they are using them to set up unassailable positions should any global conflict begin.

If you can appreciate some still sit in disbelief that sexual harassment could pervade our societies, how is it so hard to consider that an organisation, in control of the Soviet Union for decades, just disappeared because other countries declared they were no longer communists?

China is at least more transparent in their actions, forgoing removing the communist appellation but purporting to be a freely trading communist-capitalist system now. Doesn’t matter does it while the West rushes in to open up businesses, sell off national assets and make more money without asking the important why, what for or, most importantly, what will happen next?

Bitcoin and crypto-currencies are the perfect cherry on top of this financial house of cards. As nobody knows who owns the coins, what would be the consideration should say Chinese and Russian interests hold 70% of all coins? Once the rush into greed exposes enough businesses and greedy people to the vastly overvalued 30%, it would be possible to manipulate the market even more than currently, to control the fortunes of the global economy.

You think your safe and comfortable life is secure? It will only remain so with strong, intelligent and wily people in control of our nations who can predict and anticipate the future. Leaders and civil servants who bend to whichever way the wind blows (tending towards greed invariably) and listen to amoral unelected advisors, will lead us further into global disaster. Currently, our governments can’t even work out what their own people actually want since the advent of partisan political confusion spread by modern politicians and their business controlled media trolls(sorry, spin-doctors). Today we reap the harvest of getting so tied up in lies, nobody knows what is true. Who do you think will encourage that confusion?

In other words, we’re screwed basically.

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