Occasional observations on current comed.. I mean, British politics.

November 29th 2017

So, decades on, governments are only now starting to appreciate how countries can be infiltrated by the use of the internet and media. How long will it take for them to twig to financial market infiltration? For the past few decades, Russia and China have been steadily purchasing foreign businesses, property, governments and significant quantities of precious metals. Now Bitcoin, a ‘virtual’ currency being expanded in value without any recognisable or traceable controls in place nor legal responsibility to any nation or laws. Why is the possible manipulation of this currency by those working against capitalist countries not being examined in further detail by the US/UK/EU? Greed, as ever, could certainly be a prime suspect.

November 20th 2017

Well, if you can decipher what Greg Clark’s script writer means from the following gibberish, well done. Perhaps if the people of Britain were allowed a worthwhile referendum he could be prompted to rather say; “We’re going to build railway lines to the towns that still don’t have them and ditch HS2” No need to combine different forms of transport and create ‘new mobility services’ when you haven’t completed the ones people need and want to use. Fuckwit.

“This will help make sure people across the country have better options to combine different modes of transport – supporting projects which will improve connectivity, reduce congestion and introduce new mobility services and technology,” said business minister Greg Clark, who is leading the Industrial Strategy initiative.

November 19th 2017

You can feel safe, Phil’s going to automate everything with that ol’ reliable IT that never suffers from bugs or catastrophic failures nor simply just fails completely every once in a while..

Philip Hammond is so in touch with the economy and technology that he feels safe to allow driverless missil.. sorry, vehicles onto our roads within three years? This is the man who is part of a parliament where the majority of members will get a secretary to print out their emails, since computers are too difficult to be bothered with. (Yep, 30 years on, the first promise of IT still failing as demand for paper is higher than ever. Bravo!)

So, we can be confident driverless cars will be a safe option with Hammond promoting human unemployment by replacing more people with machines. 300 million for charging points and 100 million to ‘help’ people buy new electric cars? Who does that support? Only car manufacturers and businesses. 75 million towards AI? Overseen by those who don’t know what PC stands for and developed by people who sell lies to play with expensive toys. 5G? Course we need it, got to stream ten TV channels at once to every telephone don’t we? Computer Science teachers? Guess what they teach now? How to use spreadsheets. Have to do ‘tech’ to learn programming these days…Well at least teaching IT has reached the 1990s.

UK Parliament and IT, the blind leading the stupid. Bend over Britain, Hammond’s coming… Really trying hard to divert attention from Britain leaving the EU aren’t we duck?


November 1st 2017

Boris Johnson, must be someone’s secret weapon. We can all relax though, the man who is probably still trying to locate the ‘Any’ key 20 years on, says there’s no evidence. “Be-beh-ahh…hmm, what button do I press for gin? Ehh…emm… I thought those Ruskies were our friends now we’re selling them whatever Labour hadn’t pawned?” Important to give your enemies the impression you haven’t got a clue, to lull them into a false sense of security. THE IMPRESSION! I suppose we can always hope for his defection.


It is no wonder in some senses. Nearly 2018 and the UK still has no Ministry of Technology. It has a ‘Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’ so maybe technology is in there? Nope. Check the list of departments that this bizarrely named Ministry contains. See any that could be remotely linked to the word Digital (beyond that most organisations now use computers even though that would be a pathetically tenuous link even for the UK Government) or even resemble technology? We live in countries where our government sold our biggest technological asset (BT) and now pays the private company more taxpayer’s money to expand the network that our taxpayers orginally funded. Nice work if you can get it.




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