Dear Africa,

Colonialism raped and pillaged your resources and people. The USA and USSR destabilised and exploited what was left after ‘independence’ made the people free but the countries unmanaged and prey to financial exploitation and military equipment sales. Now China and the ‘First World’ picks over the remains, masquerading as the saviour while building to low standards with low quality materials at rates that will keep the states financially beholden for generations to come.

The largest solar power arrays in the world are being built in Ghana today, the country whose people benefitted in no way from a hydro-electric dam the UK abandoned and which eventually produced electricity for an American business’ smelting plant, not Ghanaians. Will the average Ghanaian benefit by their national standard of living being raised up due to being provided free electricity from the businesses exploiting their resources yet again or will they be used as throwaway modern slave labour to build the arrays and then get just the chance of looking at what others will benefit from, yet again.

Do you want nations filled with people who know nothing of the existence they live within but could tell you every nail colour some vapid moron has worn in their daily egotism internet broadcasts for the past two years? Do you want to make the majority of your people move from wondering what the point of existence is when faced with continual and unending suffering, to wondering what the point of existence is when faced with working the majority of their lives enslaved by global organisations who trade fighting for survival for financial indenturing?

Band together, build your forces, drive out the exploiters and build your own continent. You have been driven nigh to extinction by those who would keep you enslaved one way or another. Time to look after yourselves, stop killing each other for the scraps the global powers leave you and use the technology available today to build paradise. Then, above all, when the opportunity arises, be magnanimous with those who would have kept you down when they come with their begging bowls. Give your children that dignity.

Take the examples not from the deceitful concepts of socialism, communism and capitalism, all of which were designed to ensure control of the many by a few. Instead take inspiration from that which they cannot completely control. Knowledge and technology. The fact is that one can feed the other to enable individuals to work together and free themselves from being beholden to any state, business or religion.

The concept at its core revolves around a return to the idea of a smallholding whereby technology will be utilised to provide as many tools that will enable a family unit to live with enough power, water, food and shelter for little to no costs paid to businesses. Africa is blasted with so much solar energy, it could power the world’s energy needs for millennia. What is happening today is that large organisations are monetising the collection of that energy for existing businesses, not for individual citizens of states.

There are many small enterprises attempting to design and build projects that utilise these distributed components, solar powered well drills, solar desalination and irrigation systems, Stirling motor and traction engine personal power plants. All working to prevent the destruction of African’s health and environments by stemming the commercial development by carbon fuelled personal generators and power stations that are flooding into Africa currently. Freedom from being enslaved into servitude to the oil cartels and combustion engine manufacturers who, as with tobacco sales to poorer countries, are making as much money as possible before the people of such countries realise that the people of richer countries are no longer pursuing such dated technologies. There is no need for poorer nations to follow the path of industrialisation to move their societies forwards, it is possible to leap forwards and adopt the latest technologies to entirely avoid the destructive and socially damaging path that ‘The Industrial Revolution’ took.

The main reason this path is the best trod by African nations stems from what we all know to be the case. Power corrupts. Giving power to people who can ultimately ensure their own luxurious lifestyle can be maintained by destabilising the lives of their compatriots, places a temptation before them that few people anywhere can honestly claim to resist. So if you wish to avoid the derisive contempt of those running large corporations or countries, who feel they can quite easily keep entire nations in servitude or civil unrest to further their own financial agendas, then work towards ensuring your people can continue to live without being prey to politicians whose probity is tested daily by amoral disciples of mammon.

Trust not any who claim the writings of theorists, whose ideas stem from suggesting they can create entirely new systems which will solve all problems. For, stating one is inspired by Marxism or any similar conceptualism, one is stating a belief in structures that have been proven in practice to be entirely unsuitable for governing people and as such fatally flawed in terms of developing any further infrastructure based on such foolish foundations.

Conversely, considering theorists who look at what has existed throughout known history and can thus formulate their ideas based on the functional aspects of proven systems, they are more likely to design systems that can be adapted from what people are used to whilst aligning them with the advances in technology and infrastructure that have occurred. When one can also consider that a Platonic form of governance has never been achieved, we even have examples that haven’t been tried to consider! (Why do so few philosopher politicians exist? As most actual governing systems have been designed to attract the greedy and egotistical.)

The example, as outlined above, is similar in opposition to the approach taken during industrialisation and the migration of the masses to centres of industry. Before that point, people generally lived in local communities, bound by familial ties, maintaining a balance between self-sufficiency and shared resources that provided an extremely efficient and stable system to manage. The move to creating dependence on shared resources, by concentrating resources and populations in industrial areas, may have increased overall production output of countries but only by creating a slavery born from both removing distributed but closely integrated independent communities and concentrating high volumes of disconnected people in specific locations, who are then entirely dependent on the industry that created such conurbations.

As many of the more advanced nations experienced, once industries failed or were superseded by merit of people from poorer nations becoming viable for exploitation, the industry or businesses may have continued but on closing or moving to use cheaper resources, the previous staff are left living in areas that have no other resources or facilities to provide for such a population. Thus, in supposedly, the most highly developed societies in the world, we can still see regions either deserted by the migration of citizens to find work elsewhere or by the impoverishment and deprivation of poorer countries visited on those abandoned under the age old stab in the back “It’s only business”.

So, as one might have rightly cried out to the ex-Soviet states on the collapse of the USSR, “Don’t copy our systems, they’re no better!” Africans should consider the future in terms of building stability regardless of those who would attempt to control you. Regionally distributed, self-sufficient peoples are far harder to control. Such communities linked by instant global communication and shared protective principles could withstand corruption and even military action.

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