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What purpose dignity, compassion and respect from a politician?

Where have dignity, compassion and respect gone? Is there any event that current politicians would not seek to win points from? May calling out by name an opponent at a time when a need for true unity is required, shows … Continue reading

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Charting the truth about marijuana and cannabis – Just how badly can a BBC Health Editor write an article? An addict’s opinions.

As this article covers how not to write about a subject, it is always helpful to have a contrast to compare with. The first linked article appears to have been carefully researched and cites true experiences and facts relevant to … Continue reading

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The simplest and most practical form of Proportional Representation for the UK

Treble the number of MPs for each Constituency. That simple. Allow me to expand. Every party fields three candidates for each existing Constituency. Three MP Seats are divided according to vote proportions (see governing rules below) Instantly transform our government … Continue reading

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