Global Domination. The real game of Risk

For a country or countries to successfully undertake global conquest, in the relative peace preceding, some or all of the following conditions need to be met at the least;

  1. Control a high proportion of physical global trading resources.
  2. Have a high level of support from the people of your country.
  3. Have the military might and logistical support to cover the territories targeted.
  4. Have access to mechanisms that can destabilise your opponents and impede their campaign.
  5. Opponents displaying signs of internal turmoil and low levels of support from populations.
  6. Own or lease significant portions of opponents infrastructure.
  7. Lending to weaker nations enabling support by threat of calling in debts during future global negotiations.
  8. Control a significant proportion of the world’s energy and technology resources.
  9. Have the will to sacrifice a significant number of one’s own people to achieve one’s aims

So as of today, considering two nations that could be said to have been walking down that path for at least 15-20 years, the concept of a Russia/China alliance is very likely to be at the most dangerous point of any time in the past 25 years. A coward is only brave when surrounded by strong allies. If Putin feels he has a ‘bigger boy’ to protect him and China can pursue their agenda in the shadows of Russia taking the spotlight, the world should watch closely.

  1. Russia and China have been steadily purchasing tons of gold and other precious metals for the past 15-20 years whilst many other countries ‘financial experts’ state they do not exist in the world of modern finance and so should be discounted from having any influence or relevance (Ref. Treason of Gordon Brown). What happens if the fake financial constructs that support consumer capitalism are undermined?
  2. Overwhelming support and positive feeling have rarely been higher in both nations. Somewhat underlines a benefit of a transparently state controlled media and education. (Not praising the fact by the way!)
  3. Pretty clear here. Worrying that military minds of all sides are likely keen to test out the next generation of military hardware in a hot live zone. Drone swarm anyone?
  4. So, you sell millions of small, cheap, internet connected devices that bypass all safety and testing standards, whilst also gathering the credit card details of millions of people around the world. (Free market rocks and rules doesn’t it? Let your citizens buy cheap stuff so they think they’re buying the same as the wealthy.) When required, it is then possible to, one, spy through or disrupt internet communications and, two, generate million upon million fake transactions to undermine the financial constructs that support consumer capitalist countries. What if all the other devices sold through household name tech companies also include back doors by merit of almost none being manufactured in the destination countries? How many hacking attempts of the past 10-15 years have just been gathering data rather than using it? (much easier to crack a password if you’ve grabbed the past 10 or 20 changes a person intermittently makes)
  5. Kind of hard to hide the fact that Europe and the USA having rarely demonstrated such high levels of discord, both internally and internationally, are on the brink of even greater financial turmoil and lack any visible cohesive global strategy (Fingers crossed NATO are still on the ball). Mathematically, many democracies show signs of deep corruption, decay and disproportionate representation, further undermining the validity of the term democracy. These visible signs can be used by opposing nations as justifications for fighting against such states.
  6. China’s and Russia’s foreign investment and loaning policy of the past 10-15 years demonstrated, to some, a rather converse approach that did not fit with anything other than long term territorial expansion (‘Financial Imperialism’). The fear ever present in SE Asia is of China’s expansionist policy, the fear in Eastern Europe, Russia’s. Sad that the peoples of Western Europe and the USA were fed the line “Yesterday’s enemy, tomorrow’s friend.” Perhaps it would have been better to remember “Beware enemies coming under the guise of friendship.” Or the prophetic words from those who lived during the past two world wars “Remember us so this doesn’t happen again.”
  7. Many African nations can attest to the vast investment in infrastructures, government funding (especially the kind that greases the cogs of power) and Chinese companies helping to deliver these projects. The sudden wealth pooled in Russia by the ‘rise of the oligarchs’ led to the well publicised swathes of purchases and investment in countries welcoming of more money, above all.
  8. Check the ‘Made in..’ on your technology devices. How is European gas purchasing going at the moment? Pipeline still open? If there is certainty regarding energy resources why did fracking take off? In Britain we have long understood that we’re not allowed to say anything bad about people our government chooses to do energy deals with. Gaddafi was fine once we could buy some oil whilst selling consulting and tech as well, Putin, oh he’s a nice guy really, all that KGB stuff was overblown by the media. Nah, the newly formed MGB isn’t anything to be worried about…….. Saudi? Have a casino!
  9. History answers this one for us. Two nations on earth stand head and shoulders above all others in regards the will to sacrifice millions of citizens to further the egotistical goals of their leaders. China takes their time and is one of the nations of the world that can make plans lasting longer than an elected term. Russia, as ever, the wild card.

Is it cause for deep concern? Behind the weak media representations it is hoped that the maxim “If you wish for peace, prepare for war” is still upheld by those that matter. Although it could be revised to “Do you live in a utopia? If not, prepare for war.” Learning Mandarin can’t hurt though.

Of course the hope is that these conditions don’t lead to 2017 being another date etched on human history. Signs are that the instability in the Middle East will now be rapidly reduced by what has always been possible, the swift removal of the IS organisation. This at least reduces the likelihood of a major face-to-face escalation between Russia and China against NATO. When Hilary Clinton wins the US election(15/11/16 – Oh bugger the camp communist got the win he wanted!), it would be hoped to see a reduction in posturing from Putin. Syria remains the hot spot that could ignite, so we will just have to wait and see for now.

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