A message to the young, disheartened, scared and uncertain

There is a simpler way of looking at existence and humanity from one who grew up next to the USSR’s primary nuclear target in the UK during The Cold War, when terrorist bombings in London streets were treated as an unavoidable annoyance.

If you can read this, we’re doing OK. We are on a path towards a utopian future where resources, freedom to exist and the means to control one’s destiny will expand whilst those who exert control and seek power over others will lose the facilities that enable them today.

Simply put, human existence has always been pretty tough. It is not a nice universe out there and there are millions of ways in which each individual, society or entire species can be erased in the blink of an eye. Many of these we have no control over whatsoever. So, to revert to a cliché, why worry?

We are here though. That is the gauge of our success. Science Fiction can portray any number of dystopian futures, yet the overriding message throughout almost all of them is that human nature rebels against such enslavement.

For, if the darkest prophecies were to come true, there will be no grand awakening or rebellion, there will be nothing left of what we see as human history and thus there will be no more. These words will not exist as there will be no one to read them.

Given apocalyptic endings being just that, the only other possible path to the future lays in human advancement developing environments that solve the basic needs of the greatest number of people. This will begin to happen in the near future and so the mechanics of systems designed to limit and control resource availability will be superseded.

50 years from now…

  • The energy industries (Coal, Oil, Gas and Nuclear) will be diminished as a result of energy production becoming demonetised.
  • Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and a whole plethora of the decaying, dying corpses of purist ‘Consumer Capitalists’ will be dead and long forgotten. Even though that form of system requires such people to make it work, the managers of such systems can see humanity is on the verge of another incredible transformation and are fighting to delay it.
  • Advances in science, medicine and food and water distribution will have truly begun to accelerate towards our wildest dreams. (It is a joy to watch chain reactions of realisation flash on in minds at each point of considering how each area of human life would benefit by, effectively, unlimited energy becoming available.)
  • Individual homes will have become small industrial plants, generating electricity, producing food and creating tools and implements using in-house recyclable materials, which, whilst not instantly replacing centralised systems, will increasingly reduce the overall demand on them.
  • Much of the ‘charity industry’ will disappear as solutions to global problems are enacted rather than advertised about. For example, Water Aid would have you believe they are ‘making a difference’ and have clearly stated (knowing they could never be held liable for such statements) that they will solve the world water shortage by 2030. The World Health Organisation contrasts by stating clearly, based on their supported research, that it is likely wars will be breaking out over the control of clean water by 2030. Who you gonna believe? Who is begging and guilt tripping you into donating money to them?
  • Capitalism and industry will still exist. Luxuries, production and services will still all be required. The difference, for example, might be that if it were possible then to synthesise gold for a low cost, other symbols of exclusivity would end up being created, marketed, hoarded and coveted.

Not all rosy though.

Politics, religion, desire for power and perverse people will still remain to bring discontent and suffering to our planet. Wars will still rage based on those principles, people will still damage others or exert control over their lives. To think otherwise is to live in a fairy tale denying the suffering of others and the proofs emblazoned on history.

The message therefore to the subject addressees is to focus less on the continual stories of woe and distress, for every 100 years you go back, there were far more, far worse levels of suffering and things to fear. For every year we advance, people will think up new ways to define barbarity. Ignore the idle intrigues devised to make you both in fear of your future and sell a bit more advertising for newspapers and websites or even purely just for personal notoriety. They will be forgotten in a minute, day, week or year. We are on a path that can only follow to one basic result.

Let’s get back to worrying about why we’re here when the majority of us don’t have to worry about if they’ll be here tomorrow.

Put your focus on what is being done to unlock the brightest future and support it with all your efforts. If you wish to improve/undermine existing systems of governance and control, there is no better bet to back for reaching that goal. Science and technology have unlocked the means to produce enough energy to serve all human needs. Individuals and true philanthropists working together will design the means to make it available to all.

This future will not do anything to make what happens in your life today better. Might well improve how you feel about it and your ability to face it with a smile. Hope so.

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