Not another dead blog?

Not quite. It is one of those things that can be stumbled across regularly when randomly surfing or searching for an answer to a problem. An aged blog site that has a few posts from a few years ago, then nothing..

Thinking of the type of person who could fastidiously fill a daily diary of their life makes one appreciate the wonders social media must bring such people. Others, for whatever reason could fail to note the passing of years. I certainly err on the side of the latter.

Too many interests and diversions is my main trouble allied to a historically complex personal life. Still, blog posts notwithstanding or non-existent, the past several months has certainly been eventful as usual. From the exceptionally heartening (for a disheartened techie) news of a technologist again being appointed to run the technology company, Microsoft to the depressing experiences in being the purchaser of a Jolla smart(?)phone, what one expects in life can never be predicted accurately! From making chocolate from raw ingredients (bean to bar I believe it is known as) to rebuilding classic vehicles and documenting some family history, it has been a diverse several months.

So, I did actually write a load of stuff in that time yet published none as I keep not finishing! Considering the need for some sections to separate work, play, rants and ramblings but then considering the volume of my published output, hardly worthwhile yet. Right, off to proof the first two nearest completion.. (at least the promised update on the kayak or Dingak as my youngest insists it must be called)

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