Have you been Honeyspotted?

Ok, so now everyone is a pseudo-techie, always connected or trying to connect to the internet. That greed for connectivity combined with way too little true technical savvy leads to new games for real techs to play. This one has been played in static locations for a while but is now open to anywhere there is 3/4G signal availability. (I hope News International lackeys don’t know about this one!)

You know those little ‘MiFirouters which connect to the internet using a mobile phone SIM that, in turn, allow you to connect devices via wifi rather than plugging a USB modem in directly? Well what happens when someone sits on a train and names the SSID something like, hmm, say ‘Virgin_Trains_Wifi’ and leaves the security wide open for people to connect?

You can be sure that within five minutes of being switched on, there will be a dozen connections to that router with devices sitting ready to be scanned at the leisure of the router operator. Contacts, photos, account details and personal data could be compromised just for desiring to be ‘connected’ and save using your mobile usage allowance.

This is of course a high-level view with a lot of detail excluded. The practical difficulties of hacking remain which will not make this something that the average person could achieve. The point is that as with hacking most things, given enough time and access to raw data a compromise can be found.

Now connectivity may be flaky on trains but the principle remains the same whether on a train, bus, in an office or just in a café where there’s a wifi SSID that’s the same name as the café even though the owner of the shop doesn’t provide one…

If you’ve connected to one of these devices in your greed for internet connectivity then you’ve likely been Honeyspotted!

(Credit must mostly go to Dai for coining the name)

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